Maximising the Value of your Property with Regular Building Maintenance

Recently the published a blog that spoke about Alliance Ireland’s expertise in regards to building maintenance and property alterations.

Specifically, the Golden pages were offering strategies to its readers on how best to maximise the value of a property.
In 2019, it is certainly a seller’s market. Property in Dublin continues to grow in value year on year, with seemingly minimum investment on behalf of the property owner.
While certainly, the location of a property will always be a huge factor in the appreciating or depreciating value of the asset, owners can also implement maintenance and upgrade strategies that are designed to maximise the potential resale value of a building.
Further to the Golden Pages' blog post, we would like to revisit this topic for our readers.

Building Maintenance Dublin

Although it seems obvious, regular and continued preventative building maintenance is a significant factor in a property retaining and crucially increasing in value. At the very least a property’s internal systems, such as the plumbing and electrics should be kept in good working order.
To make sure these internal systems don’t fall into disrepair, it is important that these systems be regularly tested and serviced to ensure their continuing competency. For individuals who expect to hold onto a property for a particularly long period of time, it may be worth considering updating the system to a more energy efficient system.

Building Alterations

For those interested in making a significant profit on an asset, building alterations and upgrades should be considered.
Our building alterations service is designed around the individual needs of the property. We work in collaboration with the client, creating an alteration plan that is designed to maximise the value of the asset. Our services stretch from the planning phase into complete on-site management all the way to the project’s completion.
From the ground up, we make necessary internal and aesthetic changes based on the latest market trends with a view to optimising and increasing the property’s potential resale value.

Interested in optimising the potential resale value of your property? For more information on the topic please review our building maintenance contractors page or get in contact with us today. 

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