• 23/07/2019 0 Comments
    The Money Saving Benefits of Planned Maintenance

    Unfortunately, companies and property owners still view planned preventative maintenance as a costly and unnecessary expense. Some go as far as to consider planned maintenance as a waste of time and resources.
    It’s an easy mentally to understand. The average business owner is so distracted with immediate problems, that the issues of tomorrow are dealt with when they come around.
    The “Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it,” rational is overused refrain when the topic of planned preventative maintenance comes up.
    An average property management team implements a policy of reactive maintenance instead of planned maintenance.
    When a part wears out, it’s replaced.
    When a machine breaks down it’s fixed.
    And when the regulatory required annual maintenance time rolls around, a system is maintained.
    Most buildings chug along like this for years; lurching from one crisis to the next, and never really getting on top of the property’s maintenance needs.
    Today we’re going to argue that the above method of management isn’t just ineffective, we are also going to argue that it is also unnecessarily expensive.

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  • 13/06/2019 0 Comments
    What you Need to Know About Composite Doors

    As contemporary building maintenance specilists, we often find ourselves recommending composite doors to our clients.
    From domestic property owners to commercial property owners, composite doors are one of the few door varieties that don't compromise on aesthetics or on functionality.
    The sleek wood aesthetic of composite doors are matched by the robust interior aluminium core of the door; which makes them incredibly sturdy and strong.
    Today we’ll dive into why composite doors are the gold standard in property design, energy efficiency and security.

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  • 17/04/2019 - Alliance Ireland Building 0 Comments
    The Ins and Outs of Building Maintenance

    Although property owners are certainly familiar with the term: 'building maintenance', what they may be less familiar with, is what a building maintenance strategy actually entails.

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  • 02/04/2019 - Alliance Ireland Building 0 Comments
    Maximising the Value of your Property with Regular Building Maintenance

    Recently the published a blog that spoke about Alliance Ireland’s expertise in regards to building maintenance and property alterations.

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