The Ins and Outs of Building Maintenance

Although property owners are certainly familiar with the term: 'building maintenance', what they may be less familiar with, is what a building maintenance strategy actually entails.

In the broadest possible sense, building maintenance is concerned with the upkeep of a property. This upkeep includes everything from building fabric to continuing assessment and maintenance of a building’s roof, mechanical and electrical systems and doors and windows.
A building maintenance strategy varies from property to property and can include everything from replacing fused light bulbs, to complete electrical and plumbing system upgrades.

Building maintenance in Dublin

Building maintenance in Dublin presents significant challenges thanks to the diversity of the city’s architecture.
Edwardian buildings sit side-by-side with modern glass-faced office buildings.
Edwardian buildings may require significant electrical system upgrades to keep up with modern energy demands. While the energy requirements of a contemporary office building may need to optimised to be properly integrated with the pre-existing city electrical grid.

Building Roof Repair

Periodic roof inspections should always be part of a preventative maintenance strategy no matter how old or new the building is.
Issues with damp, mould growth or the blockages in the property's water drainage system need to be identified and repaired as soon as possible to minimise damage. A blocked hopper / outlet could cause thousands in damage whereas preventative maintenance on a yearly basis could cost hundreds.

Window Replacement

As we have already mentioned, older buildings have different maintenance requirements than newer buildings.
Older properties with traditional wooden sash windows are -- in all likelihood -- extremely energy inefficient but can be adapted to be more efficient.
As such, a building maintenance strategy may include recommendations to replace or upgrade these old window frames with modern, energy efficient alternatives. Modern sash windows -- made from synthetic materials like PVC -- offer property owners a much higher level of energy efficiency. Modern windows or upgraded traditional windows can be a major factor in helping increase the energy rating of a property. An increased energy rating can have a positive effect on a property’s resale value.

In Dublin property maintenance is a multi-discipline system designed to ensure a property retains its value. The team at Alliance Building Maintenance work in collaboration with the property owner to create a building maintenance strategy that is fully customised to the unique and varying needs of the building. For more information on this topic visit our building maintenance contractors page. 

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