What you Need to Know About Composite Doors

As contemporary building maintenance specilists, we often find ourselves recommending composite doors to our clients.
From domestic property owners to commercial property owners, composite doors are one of the few door varieties that don't compromise on aesthetics or on functionality.
The sleek wood aesthetic of composite doors are matched by the robust interior aluminium core of the door; which makes them incredibly sturdy and strong.
Today we’ll dive into why composite doors are the gold standard in property design, energy efficiency and security.

Composite Doors

As the name so elegantly suggests, composite doors are made from a composition of different materials. Each material is chosen for the unique features and advantages it brings to the door.
Depending on the type of composite door chosen, materials like PVC, aluminium and reinforced plastic can be used in the construction of the door. These different materials are fused together creating the strongest and must secure door solution on the market.

Security Benefits

All the composite doors available from Alliance Building & Maintenance come with a sturdy door frame, designed especially for the unique properties of composite doors.
This tough door frame complements the door’s already impressive security features.
As standard, our Security doors come with an aluminium core, that is incredibly tough and durable.
The internal multi-point locking system means composite doors are the ultimate door solution for the security conscious homeowner.

Composite Door Aesthetics

The huge selection of composite door colours, types and styles mean they’ll be an appropriate door for even the most discerning property owner.
For those with classical tastes, composite doors are available in a range of earthy colours which emphasise the wood grain. For those with a more contemporary sensibility, there are composite doors available in a range of bright primary colours.

Energy Efficiency

Composite doors are incredibly energy efficient. Their insulation-minded design means -- that when closed -- an airtight seal is formed between the door and the frame. This seal stops warm air from leaving the property and blocks cold air from entering.
If you feel composite doors are the right option for your property, get in contact with our sales and installation team today. Alternatively, you can see our Windows and Doors page for more information.

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